Pai Kau

Lucy (Irina Chiu), the daughter of a powerful businessman, is about to get married to Edy (Anthony Xie). On their wedding day, Siska (Ineke Valentina), who is uninvited, turns up. Edy introduces her as a cousin from out of town, but nobody knows that she is Edy’s ex-lover. The day of their wedding day which had been prepared beautifully, has to end tragically.

Genre : Suspense, Drama
Duration : 86 minutes
Language : Indonesian and Mandarin
Production : Archipelago Pictures
Release Date : February 2018

Producer : Tekun Ji, Irina Chiu, Sidi Saleh
Director : Sidi Saleh
Cast : Anthony Xie, Irina Chiu, Verdi Solaiman, Ineke Valentina