The Man From The Sea (Laut)

A mysterious man (Dean Fujioka) is found on a beach in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Takako (Mayu Tsuruta) is a Japanese national working in Indonesia on a disaster recovery mission. Together with her son Takashi (Taiga) and his cousin Sachiko (Junko Abe), they took in this mysterious man who seemed to understand some Japanese. They named him Laut. Takashi's classmate Kris (Adipati Dolken) and his friend Ilma (Sekar Sari), joined Takashi and Sachiko, and the four formed a friendship. Meanwhile, Laut began to performed miracles which result in some incidents and rouse suspicion.

Genre : Drama
Duration : 107 minutes
Language : Indonesian, English, Japanese, Acehnese
Production : Nikkatsu, Kaninga Pictures, Comme Des Cinemas
Release Date : May 2018 (Japan), February 2019 (Indonesia)

Producer : Yoshi Kino, Naoko Komuro
Director : Koji Fukada
Writer : Koji Fukada
Cast : Dean Fujioka, Taiga, Junko Abe, Mayu Tsuruta, Adipati Dolken, Sekar Sari